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“I Love Shine! The instructors are awesome! They know what they’re doing and allow you to work at your own pace. They push you to do a little better every time. The ladies I work out with have always made me feel welcome from the first day. I know and feel that I am much stronger in my mind and body. If you want to start your day out right join SHINE.  My name is Stacy Turner and I’am 52 years young!”




“We moved to Idaho in January of 2016. I had always been active prior to our relocation but with two moves in two months and two kids, I was tired. My exercise routine had become moving boxes from room to room and hanging pictures.

After a couple months of feeling terrible, I knew I had to get back in shape! So I grabbed my phone to check my trusty MindBody App. It has always worked for me in the past, so I was sure it would work this time.

I was looking for a fun and challenging group class that was close to home. And boy did I find in at Shine Fitness. I attend class at 6 am three to five days a week and it is always a blast!

I am so happy that I found Shine Fitness and I tell everyone that I know or meet, they should join me. If you haven’t tried Shine Fitness, what are you waiting for? I can’t wait to see you there!”


Spencer, age 12


“I’ve really enjoyed Boy’s Pick Up Ball. It has been fun to work out with other boys my age. The instructors are nice, and overall it is just fun.”




“I love working out at Shine Fitness. I was amazed at how friendly, supportive, and non-judgemental my first class was. The workouts are simple to follow, unintimidating, and fun. It’s a complete workout each time I go. My body is toning and I’m building muscles. I leave class feeling inspired and positive from being around the instructors and class members.”



Lisa Larsen

“I love Shine because it is more than just a gym…more than just classes… It is a community of women strengthening themselves, physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially, as well as strengthening each other. I don’t feel like a number at Shine; I am accepted, just the way I am, and missed when I am gone. When I am dealing with something difficult in my life, I tell my Shine sisters! They have my back and help me through it. Angela has formed this amazing atmosphere at Shine. She pushes me to do my best and not sell myself short, whether in class or in life. If laughter is good for you…then Shine is the place to be! We have a great time while working hard! I look forward to going to Shine…It’s a highlight of my day!”




“Shine is the first “gym” where I’ve felt comfortable. Because it isn’t a gym, it’s a bunch of friends, working out and having fun. There is no competition, just a great deal of support.”




“It took about five seconds of my first fitness class taught by Angela (a stranger to me at that time) to realize I’d found my fitness home. Her humor, drive, energy, loyalty, compassion, and creativity are infused in her teaching. I’ve since come to recognize and value these same attributes in her friendship with me. Because of Angela’s influence as a friend and fitness instructor, I’ve become stronger physically and mentally, which are strengths that carry through in my role as a mother. Angela is driven to [positively] change lives one life at a time. She has created a safe environment and even culture at Shine where this has happened and continues to happen with me (and effectively my children), and others who come to Shine. I love that Shine represents complete wellness in body, mind, and spirit, evident in the many opportunities available in addition to a variety of fitness classes–teen programs for boys and girls, kids fitness, organized service opportunities, nutrition counseling, support groups, and education. Also, I’ve never laughed so much and so hard so often at 6:00 a.m.! “




“I love Shine Fitness! Why do I love Shine Fitness? In a word, Angela.
When I met Angela I was new to the area and missing home and family pretty intensely. She invited me to come make friends at her aerobics class. Truth be told, I was a little scared. I have never felt comfortable in the large gym setting and NEVER was brave enough to try to keep up with the “super models” teaching and attending aerobics. I voiced my hesitations and self doubts and was assured that it would be okay. It was more than ok.
The atmosphere was so encouraging and the various classes were so fun and effective that I continued. I am now enjoying the best health and physical strength I have ever had in my adult life! My life is changed forever. Angela has taught me so much. Of course I have learned about technique, and nutrition and fitness. But I have learned so much more than that. I have learned to be the best me. I have learned that every one of us is strong, important, and beautiful. Even me. I have learned not to compare myself to anyone but my former self. I have learned to be committed to and love fitness. I have learned that anyone can improve their fitness no matter your current level and with that your happiness improves, health improves, and self-confidence improves. Angela is so mindful of the needs of each of us, individually. It is inspiring! She has taught us all that we were born to SHINE, and she is giving us the tools to do it!”




“Angela is “Shine Fitness.” I worked out with her before she opened Shine Fitness and loved the workouts because I gained strength, energy, and a friend. Angela cares about every person she trains. She wants her clients to shine physically, emotionally, and mentally. I love the variety of workouts she offers through Shine Fitness. I can pick the classes that fit in my schedule and with my fitness needs. Her encouragement continues to help me gain strength, energy, and to shine not just physically, but to be my best self.”




“Shine fitness has had a huge impact on my life. Last year I did Kids Fitness during which we would run half mile laps. Running had not previously been my thing, but because of that running I decided to try Cross Country that fall. I really enjoyed it and found out that I’m a pretty good runner and I am doing it again this year!

This summer I was over the age limit for Kids Fitness. Angela offered me a job as one of her helpers instead. I plan games, lessons, and help the kids with their running along with two other teenage helpers. It’s been a great experience, and I love interacting with all the kids.




“Payton, 5 who participates in the Kids Fitness Class mistakenly called it “Sunshine” class for weeks because it just makes her happy to be there. She can’t see Angela without running to give her a huge hug because she just loves Angela so much!!! Payton enjoys running for marbles and is ecstatic that her marbles will help a boy in need. She also loves that she gets to be active with friends. She is learning about nutrition and eating well, and was so excited to celebrate a birthday at class! Equally as important, Payton has learned to celebrate the successes of others and how to support her fellow fitness friends!”