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We are so excited about the Kids Fitness Summer Program that SHINE sponsors each summer.

This program will be held in 2 separate locations this summer…Meridian and Eagle.  So check out the flyer that applies to you.

Without sounding biased- I literally cannot say enough about this program.  It is the highlight of my summer, and I know the kids that come could probably say the same.

Click here to register your child for Meridian – Bear Creek Park

Click here to register your child for Eagle – Galileo Stem Academy

It isn’t your basic “run kids around a get them tired” type thing (although that does happen)- but instead we focus on 5 areas

1) Charity– the first thing they do each class is spend 15-20 minutes running for an orphan with Downs Syndrome (RODS RACING).  I can’t even begin to tell you how inspring it is to watch these kids give their all in hopes that they can help someone they don’t even know.  It is a beautiful thing.  There is more that goes into this, but I don’t have space enough to tell you all about it right now.

2) Fitness– The next thing we do each class is spend some time “exercising”.  We do yoga, core work, cardio drills and so much more.  We make it fun by using a SHINE FITNESS deck of cards and they never know what they are gonna get.  My hope will all of this is not only to get them moving, but I really focus on teaching them proper technique and form.  It’s fun to watch what they think a push up looks like.

3) Nutrition/Healthy Habits– This 3rd part of the class is specifically designed and planned to help teach these kids about good nutrition and healthy habits.  The kids sit down to drink some water and eat some fruit and we spend that time discussing various topics of what it means to be healthy. Everything from getting enough sleep, to eating breakfast, to being kind, to making good choices.  These kids learn so much and hopefully will stick with them throughout their lives.

4) Fun– The last 20 minutes or so of class time is used to play a game.  These games are intended to get the kids moving, practicing skills, learning teamwork and what the best part is…having FUN! I want these kids to learn that exercise/movement of any kind is valuable and it doesn’t have to be miserable.  They soon discover that fitness can be FUN and it comes in all kinds of activities.  The sooner these kids get a grip on this- the more likely they are to stay fit.

5) CHOOSE to SHINE Lastly- the motto at Kids Fitness this year is CHOOSE to SHINE.  At the end of class we all huddle up, put our hands together and do a big cheer of CHOOSE to SHINE!!! The kids will soon discover what I mean by that statement.  Many ways to interpret that, but I want the kids to know that each day they will have opportunities to literally CHOOSE how to think, feel and behave… in essence to SHINE.  By CHOOSING to SHINE it will draw others in and encourage them to CHOOSE to SHINE as well. What an amazing lesson for our kids to learn.

That in a long nut shell is what the  KIDS FITNESS SUMMER PROGRAM is all about.

I promise it is worth the sacrifice and time.  Come and see for yourself.

Spaces are limited- so sign up right away if you are interested.  And PLEASE feel free to pass the info on to anyone that you know would be interested.

I’ll see you and your kids this summer.

Until then…CHOOSE to SHINE!


Click here to register your child for Meridian – Bear Creek Park

Click here to register your child for Eagle – Galileo Stem Academy