Shine Fitness

The purpose of Shine is to help members not only discover their potential, but use it to do amazing things!

Using both accountability and encouragement… Shine Fitness, does just that.

Shine’s small class sizes allow each individual’s needs to be considered when creating a customized workout plan. Our personal trainers take a vested interest in your fitness goals.

We want everyone at Shine to truly “Be the CHANGE”.

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Owner/Founder of Shine Fitness Angela Redding is on a mission to change the world, one person at a time… starting with herself.

A certified personal trainer, she has been teaching fitness classes for over 27 years in both personal and professional settings. Yet only in the last few years has she uncovered her true passion and real purpose… creating STRONG, HEALTHY, BRAVE Warriors who understand that:

STRONG body is more important than a number on a scale
HEALTHY mind is more powerful than another’s opinion
BRAVE spirit is vital to winning battles both inside and out
Warriors who aren’t afraid to SHINE brightly and encourage others to do the same.

Angela has inspired and motivated hundreds of people over the years to discover, acknowledge and reveal their divine potential.