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BOHO Baby Shower

These ladies at shine fitness were absolutely amazing, they went above and beyond for us and our special day. When I walked in and saw all the decor I was in shock it was way more than I expected. Everything I had hoped and asked for got matched to T. I would recommend these ladies and there space for any event you may have. They are outstanding. Here are some photos of the hard work they did for me and my family. Thank you so much. -Salas Family


My daughter turned 5 in and I wanted to have something fun, but a “out-of-the-box”.  Never in my life did I image the “wow” factor I was going to have working with Angela and Lexi.  The business part was amiable and easy.  The fun part is what completely took me by surprise!!!

They worked closely with me to find out what my wants and needs were pre-party.   When I got to the studio the day of the event, I had planned on doing some decorating only to see that there was nothing left for me to do but enjoy myself and be a guest at my own party!!!

They transformed the studio to the theme of the party, and did beautiful decoration.  But that is not all.  During the party, I felt I had two sisters working with me to make the party run smoothly.  They both went out of their way and delivered more than 150% of what was expected.

Now my daughter wants to have the same her 6th party in the same place!!!” – Alex R.


Daughter’s 1st birthday celebration at Shine

“My wife and I after talking to Angela and Lexy, felt very comfortable and decided to host our daughter’s 1st birthday party at shine. Angela and Lexy right from the beginning were meticulous in helping us plan and host the event. They took care of all the decorations, furniture arrangements, lemonade, plates, cutlery, etc. and everything for only of a fraction of $. They were so helpful in hosting the event and even throughout the event, that it felt like we had two very close family members by our side to help us. Everyone who had come to the party were very impressed with the decorations and all the arrangements made for the guests to feel comfortable. More than everything, my wife and I will always be very grateful for the wonderful support from Angela and Lexy to host our little one’s first birthday party. Thank you Shine for being part of this beautiful memory we will carry throughout our life.” -Mukund & Sangeetha

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