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Greek Yogurt Fruit Smoothie

  Fruit smoothies make for a great breakfast, afternoon snack or post work out shake. I use Diet V8 for my base, 100 calorie greek yogurt, mixed frozen fruit, and frozen spinach. I like to store my spinach in the freezer so it will last longer. (You can use the […]

Trigger Foods

What costume do you wear on Halloween? Do you become someone else? What is a food that causes you to become someone else??  – Trigger foods!! *What is your trigger food?  Mine is chocolate chip cookies or chips and salsa!! Or french fries! Put either in front of me and […]

Cheesy Eggs With Pico

The Supplies:  small skillet, prepared pico (i just pick this up in the produce section, but feel free to make your own), Laughing Cow Chipotle Cheese wedge, and 2 eggs. (or half cup of egg beaters) Begin by scrambling eggs like normal…. I keep my heat on med-high, so they don’t cook […]

Easy Oatmeal With Fresh Apple & Cinnamon

Follow the directions on the back of the box of oatmeal for one serving… Bring 1 cup of water to boil on high heat… Add 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats and turn down the heat to medium… Set timer for 5 minutes. Cut up the apple… I peel the […]

2nd Annual Parkinson’s Awareness Walk

SHINE FORWARD- “We rise by lifting others.” Today we supported our friend Lisa Bain at the 2nd annual Parkinson’s Awareness walk. All groups of SHINE FITNESS were represented. Kids Fitness, Warrior Training, Pick Up ball and adults. They each gave a portion of their Saturday morning to help lift and […]

5th Annual RODS Race – Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome

“Hard work is well worth it.” (Mormonad) I worked my butt off today. From the second I woke up (5:20 AM) to this present moment, I have literally been going non stop. I had to keep moving, there was no other choice. People were depending on me. Lives were in […]