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Butternut Squash Fries

It’s time to put your muscles to good use and learn how to cut a butternut squash! These make the BEST fries!!! It’s totally worth the effort! 1.   2.   You might want to watch this video by Roni…. her method of cutting butternut squash fries…   3.   4. […]

Chopped Salads For All :)

I LOVE the chopped salads at Subway… and NOW…. I can make them at home thanks to my new OXO Salad Chopper! As soon as it arrived, I was ready to test it out! The only thing on hand was a salad kit! It is super easy to use… and it didn’t […]

Ready! Set! REST!!!

Enjoy the true spirit of the season everyone! May the holiness of this Holiday hold for you hope, strength, diligence, and determination. Helen Keller is quoted, saying, “What I’m looking for isn’t out there, it’s in me.” May YOUR time be a reverent and healing experience! May you look deep […]


Some people will think it’s silly… but I’m 41 years old and have never eaten a pomegranate! Amy invited me over for lunch so I could have my very first one! I love trying new things! Before arriving, I had to look up some info on the intriguing fruit! From the […]

Mashed Cauliflower

Several years ago, my sister in law introduced me to the mashed cauliflower! I have to admit that I was rather skeptical, but I was open-minded! And boy was I surprised!!! It is seriously sooo good!!! It’s very easy to make and best of all… very good for you! It’s […]

Green Drink

Ingredients: 2-4 cups spinach 1/8 cup oj concentrate 1/2 to 3/4 cup of cold water Blend till liquefied (Enjoy)

Winter Training Program Part I

Winter Training Part 1 starts with the end. We are about to enter a period of physical rest and recuperation (see the document for the dates).  Whether you have trained all year or have just started, this month-long period will be a useful tool for your journey in the coming […]

1st Annual Rake Up Meridian

Shine Forward had an amazing opportunity to sign up as a volunteer team in our local community for their Rake Up Meridian event. It is a once a year event where volunteers rake the yards of disabled or elderly folks as a service project. Here are some highlights from Rake […]

Sweet Potato With Taco Meat, Veggies and Salsa

I’m ALWAYS looking for quick and easy lunches and/or dinners! I have learned to love most vegetables because they help me to feel full and satisfied! You can get the rewrapped sweet potato and follow the cooking directions on the label…. Or just get a sweet potato – wrap it […]

Protein Waffle {or} Pancake

The first time I tried the protein waffle, I fell in love! The reason I love it so much is that it is such a fun, quick and easy breakfast. You can change the flavor easily based on which fruit you add to the top! I have been eating these […]