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Cheesy Breakfast Sandwich

I’m a huge fan of Hungry Girl! Her latest book is full of “clean and healthy” recipes with all natural ingredients! I’m super excited to try them!! Be sure to check it out HERE!

Today I made this Cheesy Breakfast Sandwich…. (I didn’t have her exact ingredients on hand, so I worked with what I had) I made this in about 5 minutes…. perfect for days when you don’t have a lot of time.



Spray your bowl with a little Pam or olive oil… add about a cup of chopped spinach leaves. Microwave for 1 minute.

*Tip* I store my bag of spinach leaves in the freezer so they stay fresh for a long time.



Add 1/2 cup of Egg Beaters to your wilted spinach. I used the Southwestern Style for extra flavor!

Microwave for 1 minute…. stir the egg/spinach mixture and microwave for 1 more minute.



Top your Sandwich Thin with the egg mixture and a slice of your favorite cheese!



Enjoy your warm & hearty breakfast!! 🙂     (Approximately 228 calories)