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Chopped Salads For All :)

I LOVE the chopped salads at Subway… and NOW…. I can make them at home thanks to my new OXO Salad Chopper!




As soon as it arrived, I was ready to test it out! The only thing on hand was a salad kit!


It is super easy to use… and it didn’t take any time at all!



While we are on the topic of SALADS…. I wanted to share this other idea also…

I don’t know how many heads of lettuce I have thrown away in my lifetime. I was probably over thinking things in terms of how to properly store lettuce. Several years ago, I found out about the salad spinner and began using it to store lettuce for use during the week.  After washing and tearing lettuce into bite sized pieces, place it all in the spinner.

After spinning it for about 30 seconds to a minute… you are left with this…

Discard all of the juices and store your lettuce in the salad spinner.  It makes it really convenient to add lettuce to your meals throughout the week. Simple and easy! (Mine is the OXO Brand)

Click HERE to learn more about the Salad Chopper!

Click HERE for info on the Salad Spinner!

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