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Trigger Foods

What costume do you wear on Halloween? Do you become someone else?

What is a food that causes you to become someone else??  – Trigger foods!!


*What is your trigger food?  Mine is chocolate chip cookies or chips and salsa!! Or french fries!

Put either in front of me and I have zero self control! (and the more homemade and authentic the less will power I have!)

Remember this – If you completely cut out your trigger food – you will binge & nothing else will satisfy you! So don’t deprive yourself or say your never gonna have it again. It will make you crazy! {Most of us have learned this one from experience! Its not pretty!}

There is a BIG difference between an urge and a craving – we have to recognize that difference.

*Did you know: the average American consumes 31 teaspoons of added sugar per DAY ?!?!?!  6 teaspoons is the maximum daily amount recommended for American women by the American Heart Association.  Wow!!!

Tip – Don’t drink your sweets and watch your desserts!

Tricks not treats! Here are some tips to help you with your trigger foods-

-eat fresh fruit instead of sugary candy

-have healthy protein snack bars handy for when those urges hit

-if you are going to eat a treat or satisfy a craving – PLAN for it! Its ok to eat it – just make it part of your eating plan in moderation so that its not a binge!

-something I noticed helps me a ton is setting alarms to eat every 3 hours- it helps keep your blood sugar stable and the cravings at bay!

What to do with that Halloween candy laying around:

*Have the ‘Switch Witch’ come and switch it out for prizes for the kids or donate it somewhere!

*Vaccum seal it up or freeze it for special occasions or occasional treats.

*Donate it to your local homeless or women shelter in treat bags as a service project with your family.


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